STONE is the best yield-bearing ETH with a decentralized yield optimizing service and the most accessible LST ready for mass adoption on layer2s

What are the underlying assets of STONE?

Only the trusted staking pools and selected blue chip protocols can be used to generated yields

Is my staked ETH safe?

Your staked ETH is kept self-custodial and permissionless. StakeStone has no access to your staking assets.

Will the staker's assets be vulnerable to external attacks during the transfer process?

No, slippage during the transfer process will be accurately calculated to ensure the safety of your assets.

Can I receive STONE immediately after staking ETH?

Yes, you can receive STONE immediately upon staking your ETH.

How can I withdraw my staked ETH?

You can request a withdrawal, and StakeStone will process it based on the total withdrawal size.

Does StakeStone support immediate withdrawal?

StakeStone does support immediate withdrawal, but you need to pay gas fee by yourself.

Are there any additional fees for me?

There are no additional fees apart from the basic transaction gas fee at this moment.

Where can I use STONE?

You can use STONE anywhere, including but not limited to DeFi, Gamefi, NFTfi, Socialfi…on all major public chains.

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