The Structure of StakeStone

StakeStone Vault

Management of deposit, withdrawal and settlement

StakeStone Vault serves as the fund buffering pool, retaining the deposited ETH within the contract until a new settlement occurs, at which point it will be deployed to the underlying strategy pool.


Minting and burning of STONE

The Minter function decouples STONE token minting from its underlying assets. This separation allows for independent adjustments to the underlying assets and the circulation of issued STONE tokens, ensuring a higher level of token stability.

Strategy Pool

Asset yield routes whitelisting

Strategy pool adopts a whitelist mechanism governed by OPAP, demonstrating a high level of asset compatibility, such as staking pools, restaking protocols and so on. Simultaneously, asset risks will be isolated within each individual strategy route, preventing cross-contamination of risks.


On-chain proposal to add new yield routes and optimize allocations

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